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As an anti-toll liberal activist, I urge you to read Toll Roads Bad for SC!!

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We caution that some libertarians and policymakers are advocating placing tolls on existing interstate lanes, suggesting it is the political and funding panacea. In reality, as has been shown time and again, this notion of tolls as savior is fool’s gold and too costly for everyone

Source: Guest column: Toll roads bad for S.C. |


Kurt Naas

About Kurt 

He is a businessman and founder and member of my favorite anti-toll groups Widen I-77 and Exit 28 Ridiculousness. He knows that traffic on 77 is congested, he wants it widened with 6-8 GP lanes to Mooresville, while I say from Gilead to Mount Airy. While NCDOT had the scare tactics of TOLLS OR NO WIDENING, we say that the NCDOT claim is false! We have money for I-77!!!


To learn more about Widen I-77, visit and be part of the anti-toll team!!

Is another Good Roads Movement necessary?


It would be necessary to start another Good Roads movement to bring I-77 up to modern standards that accommodate traffic. As an anti-toll liberal activist, I always thought to myself, Widen I-77 from Charlotte to Mount Airy with 8 GP lanes.


The very first time I-77 was widened was from SC stateline to Gilead Road was the last time they were widened with general purpose lanes. When plans for widening 77 from Charlotte to Mooresville to Statesville all the way to Mount Airy was being considered, those plans were killed by McCintra and others like Lynette Rinker, Hurricane Floyd, and other people that will later come up with tolls.

If I-77 needs to be widened with GP Lanes, another Good Roads movement would greatly create transportation departments in each county. For example, if Lake Norman County was created, the Lake Norman County Transportation Dept. would also be created. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? Would LKN Transportation Dept maintain I-77 by widening it with 8 GP lanes and even put concrete that trucks use? LKN Transportation Dept will ban substandard pavement from being used for roads. Would LKN Dept of Transportation be on the next Good Roads movement?


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Dirt Road Danger Exposed: Sugar Creek Contractors might have left dirt on Meadowcreek

Sugar Creek cronies putting up toll barriers 

As we exposed who stole the Interstate 77 money that was supposed to be spent on widening 77 from Charlotte to Mount Airy, now we expose who has built Meadowcreek Drive that left dirt instead of asphalt.

Aha! Now we know that Sugar Creek Contractors have built my road that they even bother to put asphalt!! The company, contracted by NCIDIOT to do the substandard Lexus Lanes on 77, may have built other roads that they bother to pave that causes potholes even accidents!! SHAME ON YOU Sugar Creek! I’ll tell the NCDOT to cancel the contract with CINTRA on 77 and start over by picking either Blythe Contractors of CLT or Sloan Construction of South Carolina to widen I-77 with 8 GP lanes from Charlotte to Mayberry and to pave my road before it turns deadly!!

I-77 Toll Road issue: Contract need to be cancelled

Have we noticed that our ”leaders” think they would go away with a harmful contract??

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  • McCrory will and should have prison time for corruption

A long time ago in North Carolina, plans for widening I-77 from Charlotte to Mount Airy were in full effect in the mid-90’s when Lake Norman started growing. Then came Lyndo Tippett, Hurricane Floyd and Pat McCintra ready to destroy the plans! Later in the years, half of I-77 was widened from Gilead Road to the always-widened Interstate 85 without ending at NC Highway 150 in Mooresville or Highway 89 in Mount Airy! Then politicians fabricated lies that there is no money, Tolls solution and blah blah blah lies that we are sick and tired of!! Then they signed contracts with a bankrupt company with a corrupt record everywhere in the WORLD!! A 50-year non-compete contact of congestion?? HELL NO!!

We organized our oppositions and we must get rid of the contract before it spells doom for NC!!

Tell your electeds to cancel the contract, please!